Name age Education Living Working years Expected location Expected position
Ms. Wang 35 Undergraduate Chengdu Over 8 years Chengdu Management / Consulting, Information Consulting / Intermediary, Corporate Planning
Mr. Wu 38 Undergraduate Longyan More than 10 years Longyan Commercial Specialist
Mr. Park 38 Undergraduate Shijiazhuang More than 10 years Shijiazhuang Provincial Manager
Ms. Shang 27 Undergraduate Hefei More than 5 years Hefei Biological R & D / Pharmaceutical, Clinical Inspector, Administrative Clerk
Mr. Zhou 45 Undergraduate Taizhou More than 10 years Taizhou Production manager
Mr. Sun 33 Undergraduate Shijiazhuang More than 10 years Shijiazhuang Sales Manager
Mr. Zhang 36 Undergraduate Hefei Over 8 years Anhui Director of Sales
Ms. Lee 45 Undergraduate Xi'an More than 10 years Xi'an Commercial Specialist, Commercial Manager
Ms. Ren 32 Undergraduate Yuncheng Over 8 years Yuncheng, Xi'an Investment manager, sales manager
Mr. Guo 30 Undergraduate Yinchuan More than 5 years Yinchuan Medical representative
Mr. Huang 28 Undergraduate Suzhou Over 8 years Suzhou Sales Manager
Mr. Gao 32 master's degree Hefei over 3 years Hefei Marketing Manager
Mr. Yang 37 Undergraduate Changsha More than 10 years Hunan Provincial Manager, Commercial Manager, Regional Manager
Mr. Yang 34 Undergraduate Jiangmen Over 8 years Guangdong Medical representative
Mr. Zhong 41 Undergraduate Guilin More than 10 years Guilin Provincial Manager, Sales Manager, Regional Manager
Mr. Ma 40 Undergraduate Zhengzhou More than 10 years Henan Provincial Manager
Mr. Lu 35 Undergraduate Tangshan Over 8 years Hebei Provincial Manager
Mr. Li 37 Undergraduate Anyang Over 8 years Anyang Area manager
Mr. Liu 40 Undergraduate Zhongshan More than 10 years Guangzhou Provincial Manager
Mr. Zhang 51 Undergraduate Beijing More than 10 years Beijing Equipment management
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