18 kinds! National Health Commission issued the first batch of key national high-value medical consumables governance list

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Source: Sina Medical News

Today (January 14), the National Health Commission issued the "First Batch of National Key Management Lists of High-Value Medical Consumables", and a total of 18 types of consumables were included in the key management list.

The health and health committees of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

In order to strengthen the standardized management of high-value medical consumables and clarify the scope of governance, in accordance with the requirements of the "Reform Program for Governing High-value Medical Consumables" (Guobanfa [2019] No. 37) issued by the General Office of the State Council, our committee organized the development of the "first batch of national The List of Key Management Items for High-Value Medical Consumables (hereinafter referred to as the "List") is now being issued to you. Provincial health and administrative departments are requested to increase the number of breeds as appropriate based on the actual situation of each place, to form a provincial list, and to guide the medical institutions within their jurisdiction to formulate a list of medical institutions. Local health and administrative departments at all levels and various types of medical institutions must strictly implement the relevant requirements of the "Administrative Measures for Medical Consumables in Medical Institutions (Trial)", strengthen the management of medical consumables, and do a good job in accordance with the requirements for the reform of high-value medical consumables. jobs.

Attachment: the first batch of national key management lists of high-value medical consumables

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