Enhua Pharmaceutical Approved Penehyclidine Hydrochloride Injection

Release date: 2020-01-14 Views: 0

Source: Sina Medical News

On January 14, Jiangsu Enhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on obtaining the "Drug Registration Approval", stating that its three specifications of the chemical drug penehyclidine hydrochloride injection have been issued by the State Drug Administration Approval.

The announcement shows that penehyclidine hydrochloride injection is a selective anticholinergic drug, which can be used for pre-anesthetic administration to inhibit salivary and airway glands secretion, as well as emergency treatment for organophosphorus poisons (pesticides) poisoning and late poisoning or cholinesterase (ChE ) Maintain atropine after aging. This product has been included in the National Medical Insurance Catalogue (2019 edition) of Class B drugs and the National Essential Medicine Catalogue (2018 edition).

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