Electronic drug license is here

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Source: Medical Observer Network

Great innovation, electronic drug business license is coming! Enterprises can apply for a certificate without going out!

Recently, Yunnan Provincial Drug Administration issued Yunnan Province Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s first "Certificate of Drug Operation" electronic certificate. It is understood that the application registration, acceptance, approval, issuance, and publicity of enterprises are completed through electronic data exchange on the Internet.

In this regard, Lu Huaqiang, deputy general manager of Yunnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that the paperless and networked license-issuing model is the provincial drug regulatory bureau to deepen the reform of "delegation management services", optimize the business environment, promote enterprise development, Doing good deeds.

Paper edition is gradually exiting

In fact, before Yunnan, many provinces and municipalities have implemented electronic certificates. Among them, in July 2017, Hubei Province issued the province's first electronic license for pharmaceutical business licenses. In 2018, Shenzhen clearly no longer issued a paper version of the Pharmaceutical Business License.

By October 2019, the Shandong Provincial Drug Administration announced the implementation of "electronic certificates" for all provincial administrative licensing matters. In November and December of the same year, Shaanxi Province and Gansu Province issued the province's first electronic license.

The drug regulatory department has made it clear that electronic licenses have the same legal effect as traditional paper certificates. The electronic seal system is used to stamp electronic seals to achieve mutual trust and recognition across the country, and effectively solve the problems of too many submissions and certifications by the masses and enterprises.

That is to say, under the background of the national implementation of electronic certification, the gradual withdrawal of the paper version of the pharmaceutical industry has become a basic trend. There will be more administrative licensing matters in the future, which can be handled directly online!

The advantages of e-Cert are obvious

Compared with the paper certificate, the electronic certificate of "drug business license" stored and used in the form of data has many advantages, especially in terms of security and efficiency.

For the enterprise, the electronic license is passed directly to the enterprise by the issuing authority through the network, and it can be used once the enterprise is issued without risk of loss. The whole process of application, approval and issuance is electronic, which reduces the intermediate links, shortens the time for license application and greatly reduces the cost of starting a business. Thanks to electronic signature technology, data cannot be tampered with.

For the drug regulatory department and consumers, the electronic certificate can inquire information at any time throughout the country. People can directly scan the two-dimensional code on the enterprise's electronic business license, conduct enterprise information query, get more information and identify authenticity.

Promotion of medical electronic materials

The electronicization of drug licenses has further promoted the electronicization of the now-popular first-run information. Pharmaceutical companies can upload electronic certificates directly to a secure, exchange-qualified platform, together with other enterprise information and product qualification documents. Send to upstream and downstream suppliers.

For example, the first electronic data exchange platform 001PT.COM, jointly developed by Shenzhen Henghe Internet and China Mobile CA Center, has realized the online transmission of the first business data. Traces can be traced throughout the process. Solve the practical problems such as the long time of paper-based data exchange, easy deletion, and fraud of carrots.

Not only that, the 001 medical electronic data management platform also covers a number of products and services such as the 001 electronic inspection report sending and receiving platform, the 001 big data query platform, the 001 first electronic data exchange third terminal version, and the 001 electronic data supervision platform, which further help Pharmaceutical companies reduce consumption and increase efficiency, accelerating the process of intelligent supervision of relevant departments.

Regarding the status quo of the industry, some medical professionals believe that in the context of the industry's cancellation of GSP and GMP certification, the regulatory department will definitely strengthen supervision after the event, and the emergence of electronic certificates, the first electronic data, and electronic inspection reports will meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Operational and development requirements of regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

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