Artificial intelligence design of personalized cancer vaccine has entered clinical trials

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A few days ago, Transgene Corporation and NEC Corporation announced that the immunotherapy TG4050 based on the individualized immunotherapy platform myvac ™ has entered the phase 1 clinical trial stage. TG4050 is a virus-based therapeutic vaccine that expresses tumor neoantigens selected using NEC's AI algorithm. TG4050 will be used in two clinical trials to treat patients with ovarian cancer after surgery and first-line chemotherapy, and patients with head and neck cancer after surgery and adjuvant treatment, to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of TG4050, and to compare with other Therapy constitutes a combination therapy to pave the way.

NEC's artificial intelligence-based Neoantigen Prediction System can identify and select patient-specific mutations. More than 30 tumor neoantigens expressed by TG4050 were selected by NEC's AI system. After learning the proprietary immune data, the AI system can accurately prioritize and select highly immunogenic tumor-specific mutant antigens.

Transgene's personalized immunotherapy platform, myvac ™ technology, aims to use the patient's own cancer-specific genetic mutations to stimulate the patient's immune system to identify and eliminate tumors. They used their expertise in viral vectors to integrate selected neoantigen sequences into the genome of the viral vector and initiated the clinical development of the personalized tumor vaccine TG4050.

For Transgene and NEC, the entry of the TG4050 vaccine into the Phase 1 clinical trial is significant. This represents:

· Combining expertise in viral vectors and cutting-edge AI technology, TG4050 has pushed cancer vaccine development into the digital age;

· Customize individualized new immunotherapy for patients by generating an immune response against tumor mutations in highly specific patients;

The two Phase 1 clinical trials are currently underway at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Toulouse Cancer Institute.

Picture source: Tansgene official website

Mr. Philippe Archinard, Chairman and CEO of Transgene, said: "TG4050 is based on the MVA virus vector, which has been proven to be biologically active and capable of eliciting an immune response against tumor antigens. This therapy can genetically characterize solid tumors Into a highly specific anti-cancer 'weapon'. The product of the fusion of immunotherapy and big data science, TG4050, may herald the beginning of a new generation of fighting cancer. "

Mr. Osamu Fujikawa, senior vice president of NEC Corporation, said: "The entry of TG4050 into the clinical trial stage means that we have taken another step towards the goal of providing AI-driven individualized immunotherapy for each patient. Patients everywhere have a positive impact. "

Although medical technology is becoming more and more developed, people ’s fear of cancer never seems to diminish. We look forward to hearing more good news about preventive and therapeutic vaccines. We also expect artificial intelligence technology to better empower medicine. Development for the benefit of mankind.


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