Price reduction! Bargain! Bargain! Preview of the second round of volume procurement

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On December 29, 2019, Shanghai Sunshine Purchasing Network announced that it will carry out the second batch of centralized drug procurement and use by national organizations. This time, a total of 33 drug varieties and 50 product specifications will be involved in the volume purchase. The bid was opened in Shanghai on that day. By then, the pharmaceutical industry will once again usher in a sharp drop in drug prices.

In fact, the wind of this volume purchase is more fierce than before. At the same time as the official website of Shanghai Sunshine Purchasing announced the second variety purchase date and bidding date, the country has already announced that the drug prices in its jurisdiction continue to fall. . It is foreseeable that, as the previous "4 + 7" volume procurement has achieved good results, the official expectations for a new round of bidding procurement have also increased.

Based on the instructions of various local policy documents, at present, Hainan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gansu, Guizhou and other provinces have successively announced the news that active medicines have applied for price reductions, involving hundreds of varieties.

Of course, the company's choice of price reduction is only a means to maintain market share. After all, some varieties have failed to win the bid in the previous round of volume purchase, and they can only choose to reduce the price to compete for the remaining market.

There are two ends. Regarding the second round of volume purchase, the government also has new requirements. According to the documents of the second round of volume procurement announced by Shanghai Sunshine Purchasing Network, the number of short-listed companies has increased greatly and is no longer limited to three. If the number of declared companies is equal to or more than nine, the number of short-listed companies can reach up to six.

Moreover, for the first time, the highest effective declared price was set in this centralized procurement, which is equivalent to setting a "ceiling" for the company's offer. Although the highest effective declared price has not yet announced the clear formulation principles, it is basically not higher than the current lowest bid price in the market. Said that compared with the previous round of national collective procurement, the second round of price cuts will be even greater, and this also tests the Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical companies who want to take a share.

Under the first round of shocks, price cuts were fierce everywhere

In fact, for pharmaceutical companies that have never won the bid, they can only choose to reduce their prices if they want to maintain their market share. According to current statistics, many regions in the country have announced the drugs in their jurisdictions on the website of bidding and procurement. price.

Among the above-mentioned reduced prices, 16 drugs, including Captopril of Sinopharm Group, Paclitaxel Albumin of Hengrui Medicine, and Tofatib of Chia Tai Tianqing, all declined by more than 70%. In addition, GSK's tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, Levetiracetam tablets from Uzbekistan, and Clopidogrel bisulfate tablets from Xinlitai have also appeared on the price list.

In addition to the online prices in various places, pharmacies have also chosen to reduce prices under the impact of volume purchases. For example, Yifeng Pharmacy official Weiwei has issued a notice pledge that if consumers are in other market institutions within 2 kilometers from Yifeng, Purchased the same factory and same specification medicine below the retail price or member price of the store. Once verified, Yifeng will return 3 times the price difference of the smallest sales unit of the drug.

Yifeng Pharmacy's move was just a helpless move under the impact of volume purchases. Other colleagues also made similar actions with Yifeng Pharmacy. For example, on December 13, Xi'an Yikang announced: Shaanxi Province More than 1300 stores have uniformly implemented the bidding prices for centralized procurement of drugs organized by the state, and 14 varieties have the same prices as the hospitals. At the same time, it also stated that it would continue to work hard to negotiate with more selected varieties related companies.

Ordinary people in the pharmacy of the common people noticed that: some medicines have cut prices by up to 90%, an average drop of 59%. Including: antihypertensive drugs of 0.33 yuan / tablet, imported drugs of 2.55 yuan / tablet. In addition, Shuyu civilian pharmacy also announced that starting from December 2019, Shuyu civilian pharmacy in more than 1,600 stores in Shandong Province will uniformly implement the nationally-organized centralized drug procurement bid price.

Both pharmaceutical companies and offline pharmacies have chosen to cut prices to protect the market under the impact of volume purchases. This is a forced move under the impact to gain more market share for their products.

In fact, the above-mentioned drug companies and pharmacies 'choice of price reductions are also related to the policy of the National Medical Insurance Bureau. According to the spirit of the National Medical Insurance Bureau ’s March document, the selection price in the volume purchase will also be the price paid by the medical insurance, exceeding some patients' own payment.

Then the non-selected drugs whose price is twice the selected price can be reduced by 30% of the original price as medical insurance payment. With a transition period of 2 to 3 years, they must be reduced to the paid price. Therefore, if the company wants to maintain the high price, Instead, it will quickly lose the market.

The second round of procurement with volume, the decline will be even greater

The first thing that can be determined is that compared with 2019, the second round of volume purchase will have a greater probability of price reduction. The reason is that in the second round of volume purchase, the official set a ceiling price for the first time. It is reasonable to speculate that this move draws on last year's medical insurance catalog negotiations.

The first set of the highest effective declared price this time is equivalent to setting a "ceiling" for the company's offer. Although the price has not been announced with clear principles, it is not expected to be higher than the current lowest bid price in the market, which also means that Compared with the previous round of centralized mining in China, the prices of centralized mining varieties have been cut even more.

In addition, the second round of volume procurement also stipulates that all the companies declared by less than 2 companies are shortlisted. When the declaration reaches 9 or more, a maximum of 6 companies can be selected. This is an expansion of the volume procurement in September last year. No more than 3 enterprises were selected for each variety, which expanded the capacity of many enterprises.

The number of selected companies will increase, and the market share of the selected companies in the pharmaceutical market will further expand. This is not good news for non-selected companies. It can be expected that compared with last year, the slaughter between companies will be even worse this year. After all, once out, there will be little market space left for their own varieties.

And for the slaughter between enterprises, the official also gave new regulations. There is also a bright spot in the recruitment document published by the Shanghai Sunshine Purchasing Network-the principle of 1.8 times the quotation. According to the regulations, the same species exceeds the minimum quotation. 1.8 times the company automatically exits, but this rule will produce a very important question, that is, no one can guarantee whether the company will give out extremely low prices to squeeze out competitors, so as to sit on the vast market share. This is the enterprise And policy makers have to consider.

Of course, all of the above are my speculation. How the bidding results of the second round of volume purchase still have to wait for the quotation on the sixth floor of No. 1800, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai on January 17th. However, based on past experience, the bidding results were released. After that, the stock price of both the selected and unselected companies will fall madly, so I still remind the shareholders who currently hold the stocks of listed pharmaceutical companies that the stocks in their hands should be sold as soon as possible before the storm.

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