Shanghai issued a document for medical representatives

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In the beginning of the year, Shanghai will clearly implement the filing of medical representatives.

On January 3, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government forwarded the "Implementation Plan for Correcting Unhealthy Work in the Field of Pharmaceutical Purchase and Sale and Medical Services in 2019" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan") issued by the Shanghai Health and Health Commission and others.

According to Cypress Blue, the "Implementation Plan" involves the filing of medical representatives, the use of 4 + 7 unsuccessful drugs, and the elimination of managed pharmacies.

▍Implement medical record

For the 4 + 7 unselected varieties, the "Implementation Plan" requires no one-size-fits-all treatment.

Standardize the clinical use of drugs-strictly implement the requirements for prescribing drugs based on their generic names, and ensure that all medical institutions in this city give priority to using 4 + 7 drugs to purchase selected drugs under the same conditions, and do not discontinue or discontinue unselected varieties. "One size fits all" approach.

At the same time, we will strengthen the monitoring and management of rational use of medicines and standardize the use of medical consumables, and severely punish the acts of tying drugs and medical consumables. The management of registration and filing of medical representative hospitals shall be implemented, and the reception system of medical representative hospitals shall be standardized.

▍Strengthening the supervision of hospital medication

The "Implementation Plan" states that the health rights of patients must be safeguarded, the patient's right to informed consent must be safeguarded, and random addition of items during the treatment process, illegal application of prohibited and restricted technologies in clinical practice, technical operations beyond the scope of registration, and sales to patients in the name of medical care must be severely cracked down. Products, using "medical care" or publishing false advertisements, exaggerating publicity to induce patients to seek medical treatment, fabricating diseases to deceive the public to seek medical treatment, or inducing the public to accept false medical examinations or operations.

Continue to standardize the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, strengthen supervision and evaluation, and ensure that "reasonable inspection, reasonable treatment, and reasonable use of drugs" are standardized.

With reference to prescription reviews, strengthen the supervision of high-value medical consumables and supplementary medications — improve prescriptions (medical orders), informed consent, approval procedures, outsourced drugs, medical consumables in-hospital use, and drug safety and other aspects to improve hospital outsourced drugs and medical Consumable supervision. All types of medical institutions at all levels will be fully integrated into the industry supervision system, and explore the establishment of a non-standard and unreasonable diagnosis and treatment behavior interview mechanism.

▍ Eradicating Trusted Pharmacy

The "Implementation Plan" clearly further regulates the supply and marketing of pharmaceuticals and consumables—improving the ability to supply shortages of drugs, organizing the construction of concentrated production bases for small-variety drugs (shortage of drugs), and continuing to advance the implementation of the pharmaceutical industry development planning guidelines.

Strengthen the standardized management of high-value medical consumables, clarify the scope of governance, and focus on high-value medical consumables with a relatively high unit price and resource consumption ratio. Carry out supervision and inspection and special rectification to crack down on illegal production and operation, use and use of medical devices. Focus on promoting the localization of medical consumables.

Promote the reform of pharmaceutical purchases and sales-implement the annual purchase volume of drugs selected in the city's 4 + 7 belt procurement. Effectively do a good job in the implementation of special negotiations for medical insurance access. Stop public hospitals from outsourcing, renting or hosting pharmacies. Crack down on tax-related illegal acts such as false invoices in the pharmaceutical industry.

查 Strictly investigate illegal activities such as tax evasion

In the end, the "implementation plan" requires standardization of academic medical cooperation. Medical institutions, industry associations, societies, and other social organizations and medical personnel must strictly abide by the relevant regulations for accepting donations from social donations, and must not illegally accept conference and training fees provided by pharmaceutical product manufacturing and operating enterprises.

The use of funds such as academic conferences, scientific research collaborations, academic support, and donation funding with pharmaceutical product manufacturing and operating enterprises must be open and transparent, and strict auditing conducted. Further promote the establishment of a full-process management system for academic cooperation prior announcement, in-event supervision, and post-event filing.

And severely punish the supply and marketing chain for illegal crimes-increase inspection and handling of the issuance and use of invoices for pharmaceuticals, consumables production and operation units, and medical institutions; strictly investigate illegal acts such as false invoices and tax evasion; and crack down on commercial bribery and money laundering. Crime, maintaining industry order.

As the official document released by Shanghai in 2020, illegal acts such as false invoices and tax evasion mentioned in the implementation plan will continue to be the focus of this year's scrutiny by relevant departments.

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