Full analysis of "4 + 7" companies selected in 25 provinces

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The “4 + 7” pilot experience with volume procurement is being promoted nationwide (ie, “4 + 7” expansion), so in addition to understanding the 4 + 7 progress, “4 + 7 selected varieties, sales progress announcement”, it is necessary to know “ The result of the 4 + 7 "expansion bidding.

The so-called "4 + 7" expansion, the 25 varieties to be tendered in 4 + 7 cities, will get 4 + 7 and the remaining 25 provinces outside Fujian and Hebei for tender.

This article will make a comparative analysis from three aspects: difference from 4 + 7, analysis of winning results, and lowest price.  

First, the difference  

Learning from the 4 + 7 pilot experience, the 4 + 7 expansion was changed from the exclusive bid when 4 + 7 was changed to a maximum of 3 bids, so 25 common names were invited to bid, and finally 60 varieties of 45 pharmaceutical companies were awarded the bids, and the agreed purchase amount The purchase amount and cost savings converted at the bid price have been greatly improved compared with 4 + 7. The bid price has been reduced by an average of 25% compared to 4 + 7 and 59% lower than the latest bid price in non-4 + 7 regions.


(I) Variety  

Atorvastatin calcium, clopidogrel bisulfate, entecavir, amlodipine besylate, and rosuvastatin calcium account for 50% of the 25 common names. For bidders, Only by obtaining the bidding right of these varieties can they get a large purchase amount, while the purchase amount of lisinopril is very small.

(Two) enterprises   

1. Winning bids  

(1 ) Number of winning varieties: Huahai wins the championship again  

Due to the huge price drop, manufacturers with raw materials can use the profits of raw materials and preparations to fight against each other. Compared with manufacturers without raw materials and only preparations, the competitiveness has been greatly improved. Therefore, in the 4 + 7 bidding, Huahai Pharmaceutical won the bid 6 These varieties accounted for nearly a quarter of all 25 winning bids. This time, they again won the top spot with 7 successful bids, which fully reflects the competitive advantage of integrated raw material preparation enterprises.  

( 2 ) Foreign companies: from wait-and-see to active participation  

At 4 + 7, only AstraZeneca (Gefitinib) and Bristol-Myers (Fosinpril Sodium Tablets) won the bid, while the 4 + 7 expansion added Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Merck, Sandoz. And 5 other foreign companies such as India Ruidi won the bid, one was deterred by the official implementation of the 4 + 7's resolute attitude, the second was the confidence that the 4 + 7 winning bids had increased significantly, and the temptation of China's huge pharmaceutical market which was still growing rapidly Forcing foreign companies to change from wait-and-see to actively participate, Sanofi even regained the bidding right of clopidogrel bisulfate tablets at a price of 2.55 / piece at a price of 80%.

In addition to the original research, two generic drugs (Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets and Olanzapine Tablets) from two foreign companies, Sandoz and Rudi India, also significantly reduced their prices and won the bid. The appearance of 4 + 7 expansion and successful bid was particularly noticeable.  

(3 ) MAH landing: An Bisheng, Heze  

药品 管理法》新纳入的最重要制度之一。 Based on Shanghai Ambio's Montelukast sodium tablets (produced by Hangzhou Minsheng Binjiang), it won the bid again based on the previous 4 + 7 bid. In addition, tenofovir dipyrfurate fumarate from Hangzhou Heze Pharmaceutical Technology The film, which was commissioned by Hangzhou Supor Nanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., also successfully won the bid, demonstrating the advantages of the MAH system. MAH is one of the most important systems newly incorporated in the new Drug Administration Law.  

(1) The largest purchase volume: Dongrui

Suzhou Dawnrays won the championship in purchases, accounting for more than 1/10 of the total purchases. It successfully opened the admission channels of 25 major products, amlodipine besylate and entecavir dispersible tablets, in 4 provinces. One of the biggest winners of the expansion, but its purchase amount only ranked 18th, because the price of the winning product was lower (the winning price of 5mg amlodipine besylate was 0.057 yuan / tablet, entecavir dispersible tablet 0.5mg (The successful bid price for each piece is 0.182 yuan / piece).

(2) The purchase amount is the smallest, but the purchase amount is high: Huiyu

Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceuticals (the only 0.02% of the total) purchased the least amount of bids this time, but its purchase amount ranked among the top three because the unit price of pemetrexed disodium for injection 500mg was the highest ( 2735.83 yuan / bottle), which is more than 56,800 times the lowest bid price of risperidone (0.049 yuan / tablet).  

(3) Double harvest of scale and profit: Yangtze River

The purchase volume of Yangtze River's bidding products ranked only 9th, but its purchase amount topped the list because of the high bid price of its dexmedetomidine hydrochloride injection (133 yuan / bottle) and the purchase volume of the product High (second place), and the price is not lower than the bid price of 4 + 7. Last year, the price was only reduced by 12% when the bid was 4 + 7. As a result, Yangzijiang's dexmedetomidine was also the first to bid for 4 + 7 in Gansu, Shaanxi and other provinces last year. Yangzijiang achieved a double harvest of sales scale and profits.

With the widespread promotion of 4 + 7 pilot experience, the consistency assessment as the basis of 4 + 7 has a new meaning in the new stage. The fewer manufacturers that pass the consistency assessment or even the only competition that passes the consistency assessment, the more competition Advantage, by the beginning of this month, Fosun, Huahai, Qilu and other 7 and 6 varieties have been exclusive reviews.

(3) Provinces  

5 provinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, and Hubei accounted for more than half of the total purchases of 25 provinces, especially Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which were the first internationalization of raw materials for internationalization, and Jiangsu province, which had the largest number of medical institutions, reported the first internationalization , Accounting for more than 1/4 of the total, it can be seen that the medical institutions in these two provinces have a high degree of recognition of over-reviewed generic drugs. For pharmaceutical companies, they can only obtain the sales rights in these provinces. Gain more market share.

Third, the lowest price  

The lowest price of the smallest preparation unit that won the bid of 4 + 7 was 0.149 yuan / tablet of 5 mg amlodipine besylate tablet of Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical. Lodipine has 8 more than 4 + 7, resulting in more intense competition. The bid price has also decreased from the angle to the unit. The winning prices of Suzhou Dongrui, Sinopharm Rongsheng and Chongqing Yaoyou are lower. To 5 points and 7 cents, 6 points and 7 points / tablet, of course, this is not the lowest. The lowest price of 4 + 7 to expand the smallest preparation unit is 4 points and 9 cents per tablet of risperidone tablets.

On December 11, the results of centralized mining in Hebei Province set a new record for the lowest price. The lowest bid price that passed the consistency evaluation was CSPC Captopril 25mg, 2 points and 2% per tablet. The lowest bidding price is 1 point 2.3% / tablet of 10mg nifedipine tablets of Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical.

On December 11, the results of centralized mining in Hebei Province set a new record for the lowest price. The lowest successful bid for the varieties that passed the consistency evaluation was 2 points 2% / piece of Captopril 25mg by CSPC. The lowest bidding price for sexual evaluation is 1 point 2.3% / tablet of 10mg nifedipine tablets of Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical.

医药企业 承受的压力也随之加剧。 The constant refresh of the lowest price also indicates that the fierce competition is escalating, and the pressure on pharmaceutical companies is also intensifying.

On November 29, the State Council's Deepening Medical Reform Leading Group issued the “Notice on Several Policies and Measures to Further Deepen the Reform of the Medical and Health System with the Centralized Purchasing and Use of Drugs as a Breakthrough”. Article 6 clearly states that “Promote drug production and distribution enterprises across regions, Merger and reorganization across ownership forms a pharmaceutical production and distribution structure with large backbone enterprises as the mainstay and small and medium-sized enterprises as the supplement. "

Therefore, pharmaceutical companies should recognize the overall situation as soon as possible, and follow the trend, instead of being passively abandoned by the times, they should actively fight for overtaking in corners!


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