Spot checks at the end of the three provinces! A large number of commonly used drugs were investigated, involving dozens of pharmaceutical companies, all of which were inferior drugs!

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Big spot check at the end of the year! A large number of inferior medicines were investigated and suspended!

On December 25, the Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration issued the ninth issue of the 2019 Drug Quality Announcement, which announced the list of 26 batches of unqualified drugs.

According to the requirements of the Sichuan Drug Sampling Work Plan in 2019, the drug supervision and administration departments of each city (prefecture) have carried out spot checks on drug production, operation and use units.

Sampling inspection found that 26 batches of medicines were unqualified. Vitamin C Yinqiao tablets, aspirin enteric-coated tablets, Yuanhu analgesic tablets, epimedium, Cassia seed, cicada and other commonly used drugs are listed. The unqualified items are properties, content determination, moisture, Total ash and so on.

For the 26 batches of non-compliance drugs, relevant drug supervision and administration departments have investigated and dealt with according to law and regulations, and required relevant companies to suspend sales and recall products, conduct investigations on non-compliance reasons, and earnestly carry out rectification.

On the same day, the Tibet Drug Administration also released a list of 18 batches of unqualified Chinese medicine decoction pieces. Licorice, safflower, barley kernel, honeysuckle and other common medicines were on the list.

On December 18, the Guizhou Provincial Drug Administration issued a first phase of drug quality announcement, announcing 15 batches of unqualified drugs.

In order to strengthen drug supervision and ensure public drug safety, according to the opinions of the State Drug Administration and the Provincial Bureau on the arrangements for drug sampling and testing in 2019, the food (drug) inspection institutes at all levels in Guizhou have Use units to conduct spot checks.

In the first half of 2019, the province completed a total of 2,491 batches of drug sampling tests, and 33 batches of unqualified drugs were detected, with a disqualification rate of 1.32%. Among them, 948 batches of chemical medicines, 1 batch of unqualified products, 0.1% failure rate, 1014 batches of proprietary Chinese medicines, 3 batches of failures, 0.2% failure rate, 42 batches of traditional Chinese medicines, 14 batches of failures, and The pass rate is 33.3%, 324 batches of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, 15 failed batches, 4.6% failed rate, 163 antibiotic preparations, 0 failed batches, 0% failed rate, 0 batches of biochemical raw materials, failed 0 batches, 0% failure rate, other 0 batches, 0 failures batch, 0% failure rate.

451 batches, 2 unsuccessful batches, 0.43% non-conforming rate in production enterprises, 980 batches, 19 unsuccessful batches, 1.93% non-conformity samples, and 1,057 batches and 12 unsuccessful samples The failure rate was 1.13%.

The Guizhou Provincial Drug Supervision Bureau requires that the cities (states) and the Gui'an New District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau strictly follow the provisions of the "People's Republic of China Drug Administration Law" and "Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China Drug Administration Law", Qualified drugs shall be investigated and dealt with, and the production, operation, and use units that have more problems with the quality of drugs shall be supervised and rectified.

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