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年底双薪 绩效奖金 年终分红 股票期权 综合补贴 Five insurances and one gold at the end of the year.

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Haishi Hainuo Group's new products are listed on the market: moxibustion products (end products, moxibustion hall products, products for pharmacies), specialty Chinese medicine application products (cold paste, cough paste, anti-inflammatory paste, rhinitis paste, cough and asthma paste, Hemorrhoid stickers, weight loss stickers, freckle stickers, detoxification beauty stickers, breast stickers, diarrhea stickers, heightening stickers, prostate stickers, kidney patches, digestion stickers, eye protection stickers, foot stickers, and more than 50 products), acupoint stickers, transdermal Stickers, acupoint blank stickers, moxibustion hall project department, rhinitis project department, gynecology project department, ophthalmology project department, andrology project department, medical project department, big health project department, the group now has more than 100 kinds of special technical training, the country There are 20 famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and intangible cultural heritage, providing various services to doctors throughout the process. The group company provides nanny-type assistance for sales personnel at all levels, product + academic + mobile sales + brand model, rich reward policy, perfect service team, and strives to build a leading brand in the international health industry with large medical characteristics.
Hai's Heinuo Group has the advantages of modernized workshops, workshops, and logistics and warehousing that meet international standards. It is equipped with internationally advanced production equipment and high-precision testing instruments. The group has a scientific research team including experts, professors and licensed pharmacists of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. It has provided technology and collaboration with many scientific research institutions and enterprises in Taiwan, Germany, the United States, etc., and has now introduced 12 medical scientists, including Taishan scholars, Chu Astronomers and three national thousand-person plan experts. The company successfully passed the EU standard CE certification in March 2013, marking that the product has met international standards, and more high-quality products will be born in Hai Heinuo.
Hai's Heinuo Group has been repeatedly rated as the "Top Three Enterprises in China's Band-Aid Industry", among which, cartoon-based Band-Aids have pioneered the domestic band-aid industry. Some of the company's products include: characteristic Chinese medicine stickers, wound stickers, medical infusion stickers, pressure-sensitive tapes, medical disinfection cotton balls, medical disinfection cotton pads, trauma emergency kits, syringes, infusion sets, early pregnancy test strips, ovulation test strips, and anti-wear feet There are more than a hundred varieties of stickers, warm stickers, medical antipyretic stickers, gauze bandages, disinfectants, dental floss sticks, hyaluronic acid toothpaste, medical care pads, condoms, etc., with annual sales exceeding 2 billion yuan.
Haishi Hino Group has successively won "Qingdao City Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise", "Qingdao Outstanding Private Enterprise", "Shandong Provincial Famous and Excellent Enterprise Expo Excellence Award", "China's Outstanding Brand in Medical Dressing Industry" and "China Outstanding Private Enterprise" And other honorary titles, Chairman Ma Zhaohui won the "Qingdao Entrepreneur New Talent Award". In 2010, the "HAINUO" trademark was rated as "Shandong Famous Brand" and the HAINUO brand trauma emergency kit was rated as "Shandong Famous Brand". In 2012, the company was rated as "the top three most innovative and competitive enterprises in China's medical device industry". In 2013, it was named "National Welfare Enterprise Demonstration Unit" by China Social Welfare Association.
In 2013, the "Hai's Hainuo" trademark was rated as "Shandong Famous Brand". The company cooperated with Warner USA on the basis of "TOM and JERRY" becoming the company's product image endorsement, and successfully signed "Superman" to endorse the new disinfectant and gauze bandages. Hisuno products have entered thousands of households.

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Qingdao Haishi Hainuo Group Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 5000-10000 people

Year of establishment: 2012

Enterprise website:

Address: No. 1, Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

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