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Introduction of Hainan Haiyao Co., Ltd.
Hainan Haiyao (formerly Haikou Pharmaceutical Factory) was founded in 1965, completed the shareholding reform in 1992, and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994 (stock code: 000566). Adhering to the corporate values of "co-creation, common sharing, family and national sentiment, industry serving the country", the company has initially formed an industrial layout that integrates biomedicine, medical devices, Internet medical treatment, medical services, and investment in the large health industry.
[Biomedical sector]
At present, the company focuses on anti-tumor series, anti-infection series, and gastrointestinal series, and actively integrates and forms a complete product chain from raw materials to preparations. At the same time, it has actively developed the field of biopharmaceuticals and formed a batch of growing product echelons: CD22 monoclonal antibodies, flufenidone, MDM2 INHIBITORS, bendamustine, etc. are all major national new drugs, and there is huge room for future product development.
Representatives of its subsidiaries: Haikou Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd., Chongqing Tiandi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yancheng Kaiyuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd., Hunan Lianqiao Yaodu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Antibody Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong), Hudson Biomedical Co., Ltd. Company (USA), Hainan Haiyou Cell Immunotherapy Research Center, etc.
【Medical Devices】
The company focuses on the industrialization of high-end medical device products, and has successfully developed the first domestic cochlear implant with completely independent intellectual property rights (China Food and Drug Supervision (Zun) Zi 2011 No. 3460261), and has acquired more than 50 intellectual property rights. Clinical trials for products over 6 years of age have been completed. At the same time, the company further promotes the technology of combining electronics and biology, shares in bionic eyes, and enriches the layout of medical device products.
Representatives of its subsidiaries: Shanghai Lishengte Medical Technology Co., Ltd., etc.
[Medical Services]
The company further reserves medical industry projects, and integrates upstream and downstream resources of high-quality medical services through various models such as equity investment and project cooperation. At the same time, it establishes merger and acquisition funds to seize opportunities for public hospitals' share reform policies, invest in domestic medical service institutions, and further reserve medical industry projects .
Representatives of its subsidiaries: Egang Hospital, Shengzhou First People's Hospital, etc.
[Internet medical sector]
Through wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint-stock companies to integrate various types of medical information resources, break the information islands between medical institutions, establish a new channel of the medical consortium model in a real sense, and drive the innovation and development of various business segments.
Representatives of its subsidiaries: Yade Technology, Hunan Jinshengda, etc.
In addition, the company's controlling subsidiary, Lianqiao Medicine, has strived to develop into a regional leader by building a traditional Chinese medicine trading and storage platform, integrating upstream and downstream resources of the traditional Chinese medicine industry, establishing industry standards.
Haiyao adheres to the combination of endogenous and extension, combining industrial operation, investment integration, professional management and capital operation, focusing on new drug research and development, making a good investment and financing platform, strategically positioning the entire industry chain in the field of medical and health, combining industry and finance, deepening cultivation and dedication. Yu developed into a leading domestic and internationally renowned first-class medical and health industry group.

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Hainan Haiyao Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 2000-4999 people

Year of establishment: 1965

Enterprise website:

Business address: No. 192, Hainan Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

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