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18-25 years
Production / Research / Quality Control
Pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical engineering, Chinese medicine and other related majors
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company profiles

Sichuan Chuanda Huaxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958 as the pharmaceutical factory of West China Medical University. In December 2003, it was restructured and established as a state-controlled modern joint-stock high-tech enterprise. Backed by Sichuan University's strong scientific and technological strength, it has a strict quality management system and a multi-dose, multi-variety modern production workshop that has passed the 2010 GMP certification.
The company has been committed to the development and research of cardio-cerebral blood vessels, family planning products and other drugs. It is the original research unit of cardio-cerebral blood vessels such as Xindakang, Shengmai injection, Lemai granules. The company has won the honors of “High-tech Enterprise”, “Sichuan Provincial Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Project Demonstration Project”, “Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and “Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation”. Since 2009, the company's Huaxi brand Shenmai injection and Lemai granule have been awarded the title of "Sichuan Famous Brand" for many years. Huaxi brand trademark was awarded the title of "Sichuan Famous Brand".
The company's sales business covers 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and has a stable overseas market. The main domestic products are Lemai Granules, Shengmai Injection, Shenmai Injection, Levonorgestrel Estradiol (Three-Phase) Tablets, Tongqiao Rhinitis Granules, Tongqiao Rhinitis Capsules and more than 50 varieties (Specifications) . Nine varieties including Guanyuan granules are sold exclusively in the Japanese market, and export products have been sold to Japan for more than 20 years and have been well received. In 2017, the company Lemai Granules was successfully registered in Canada in the form of "natural health product" drugs, becoming the first Chinese patent medicine registered in Canada. The company's family planning product contraceptive levonorgestrel ethinyl estradiol (three-phase) tablets have been purchased by the state government and have been well received by women of childbearing age for many years.
Facing the future, Sichuan University West China Pharmaceuticals will inherit the profound cultural heritage of the university, rely on the strong scientific and technological strength of the university, actively promote and implement the modernization plan of the Chinese medicine industry, and continuously improve demand-oriented research and development, quality-oriented production, and terminal The core competitiveness of a company with a comprehensive structure such as marketing under control and a corporate culture with rigorous truth as its core, strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, and make unremitting efforts to actively lead modern Chinese medicine and continuously advance the cause of human health.

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