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带薪年假 绩效奖金 员工旅游 全勤奖 包住 销售奖金 Five insurances and one gold paid annual leave performance bonus employee travel attendance award wrap sales bonus

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Beijing Anhuaren Medical Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Xihongmen, Daxing District, Beijing, adjacent to the largest shopping mall in Asia. Is a professional modern medicine marketing and promotion company. The company focuses on the promotion of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory and neurological medicines, and has multiple exclusive medical insurance (base medicine) products. "Mutual trust, win-win situation and harmonious development", we will follow the road of professional academic promotion, and cooperate with the colleagues in the medical profession to create wealth for the society and the nation through accurate, fast, convenient and thoughtful service and consultative marketing. Contribute to the development of a healthy career and provide a stage for employees to realize their self-worth!

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