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Senior Medical Representative
绩效奖金 交通补贴 通讯补贴 定期体检 节日福利 销售奖金 Five insurance and one gold performance bonus, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, regular medical checkup, holiday welfare, sales bonus

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Zhengzhou Huawo Medical Laboratory is a third-party medical laboratory with the qualification of a secondary medical institution approved by the administrative department of Henan Province. It is a professional medical testing service center with fluorescence quantitative PCR, gene chip, gene sequencing, tandem mass spectrometry, flight mass spectrometry, and flow cytometry technology platforms as its core. Huawo Medical Laboratory was established in accordance with the national clinical gene amplification (PCR) laboratory establishment standards. The staffing and management processes strictly adhere to the relevant management specifications of clinical gene amplification laboratories. All laboratories pass clinical genes organized by the clinical laboratory center. Amplification technology certification. Based on more than 1,000 genetic testing projects, Huawo Medical Laboratory has reached strategic partnerships with disease control centers and medical institutions at all levels to supplement the shortcomings of medical structure inspection projects at all levels and improve the timeliness and accuracy of inspection projects. And advanced nature, providing "authoritative, fair and standard" inspection results by independent third-party inspection agencies. With a rigorous quality control system and an efficient management service team, the laboratory provides systematic, objective, and efficient medical inspection services for health and disease diagnosis and treatment.

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Zhengzhou Huawo Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 50-99 people

Year of establishment: 2016

Enterprise website:

Address: 3rd Floor, Building 5, No. 168, Jingnan Third Road, Economic Development Zone , Zhengzhou City

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