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Regional Manager
绩效奖金 交通补贴 通讯补贴 销售奖金 综合补贴 Five insurance and one gold performance bonus, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, sales bonus, comprehensive subsidy

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Hubei Taizhun Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Recruitment information Medical products with strong, high technology content and superior cost performance to meet the growing market demand, and continuously provide customers with quality products and services. Our company has established a good reputation in the industry, has extensive customer resources, and formed a marketing network covering multiple provinces and multiple large and medium cities. While maintaining good customer relationships, we pay more attention to developing technology-leading product lines, improving and improving customer service quality, training first-class talents, and providing the best after-sales service. We will continue to uphold the business philosophy of taking customer needs as the core and providing high-quality products as the overall medical device solution for users, and promote the development of the industry with high-tech products; create value for customers with high-quality products and services; Give back to society with gratitude. Taizhun Medical sincerely hopes to work with you hand in hand and contribute to the health cause!
Job title: Regional Sales Manager (Diabetes & Respiratory Area)
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the formulation of product sales plans for major hospitals in the region.
2. Responsible for regional hospital market development plan and specific implementation plan.
3. Responsible for the maintenance of regional hospital experts and the completion of sales indicators.
4. Bidding management of company products in the region.
5. Experts visit to establish long-term cooperation.
Job Requirements:
1. Have 1 year of relevant sales work experience in medicine and medical equipment;
2. Strong psychological tolerance and resistance to stress;
3. Strong affinity and excellent interpersonal skills.
If you are interested, please submit your resume to Tel: 02783621157
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Job posting company

Hubei Taizhun Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 1-49 people

Year of establishment: 2017

Enterprise URL:

Business address: Xinjin Technology Business Incubator, No. 25 Jiangxing Road, Jianghan Economic Development Zone , Wuhan

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