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Hangzhou Jincheng Wankang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by Beijing Jincheng Taier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300233). The company's main business is: wholesale: proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical drugs Chemical raw materials, antibiotic preparations, antibiotic raw materials, biochemical drugs; Sales: pre-packaged foods (including refrigerated foods), health foods, primary food agricultural products (except foods and pharmaceuticals), daily necessities, disinfection products;
The company is a scientific research and production company with three or four generations of cephalosporin pharmaceutical intermediates, specialty drug substances, biopharmaceuticals, anti-infective basic medicines and women and children medicines. The sales volume and sales revenue of cephalosporin pharmaceutical intermediate products are continuous It has been at the forefront of the industry for many years, and is an important biopharmaceutical production base and a well-known medical and health industry group in China. Leading products are glutathione (cyanine peptide beauty), nifuratel capsule (Lang Yijun), nifuratel vaginal soft capsule (Lang Yi), pidotimod dispersible tablets (Vita) , Bisoprolol fumarate capsules (Metricol), compound wood magnesium aluminum magnesium tablets (Dreyfu), oyster calcium carbonate chewable tablets (jinwaning), cefazolin sodium for injection (ANSF), injection With ceftriaxone sodium, cefuroxime sodium for injection, ceftazidime for injection, etc., AE-active esters, furan ammonium salts, etc. nearly a hundred kinds.
Hangzhou Jincheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core value of Jincheng Pharmaceutical Group: "Customer satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction, employee growth is the real growth", and adhere to the development concept of "gathering strength and sharing growth". In the business process, we take "quality first, service first" as our purpose, and do our best to provide the society with high-quality products and services.

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Hangzhou Jincheng Wankang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 100-499 people

Year of establishment: 2015

Enterprise website:

Business address: Huarong Times Building, 3880 Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

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