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绩效奖金 全勤奖 交通补贴 通讯补贴 定期体检 Five insurance and one gold performance bonus, full attendance award, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, regular medical examination

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China Resources Hunan Regal Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a large-scale pharmaceutical logistics backbone enterprise of China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group in Hunan, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. China Resources Hunan Regal Pharmaceuticals is the first batch of pharmaceutical operating companies that have passed the national GSP certification in Hunan Province. At present, it has established a marketing network with Changsha as the center and covering 14 prefectures and cities in the province. It mainly serves medical institutions at all levels throughout the province, pharmaceutical commercial wholesale enterprises and retail pharmacies, and has achieved 100% coverage of the top three hospitals in Hunan Province. The company's sales in 2018 were 3.89 billion yuan. Relying on a sound management philosophy, a reasonable variety structure, a mature business network, an efficient logistics speed, and a dynamic and innovative workforce, the company's sales performance has maintained rapid growth, and its development rate is higher than the industry average. The sustainable competitive advantage and the widely recognized goodwill.
Corporate strategy: to build CRPG into an innovative learning organization, with a complete market network, diversified business development, and the best cooperation platform for pharmaceutical customers for value-added supply chain services! Become the first brand in Hunan pharmaceutical industry!

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Job posting company

China Resources Hunan Ruige Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: State-owned Enterprise

Enterprise size: 100-499 people

Year of establishment: 2013

Enterprise website:

Business Address: 9th Floor, Block A, Hengsheng Building, No. 22, Section 1, Jinxing North Road, Yuelu District , Changsha City

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