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Based on children's health, with innovative thinking and modern technology as the driving force, it absorbs the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, integrates research and development, production and sales, and tailors children's medicines. The professional children's pharmaceutical group of the chairman committee unit is a leading company in the field of pediatric respiratory system treatment in China.

Core areas:
Children's respiratory and digestive systems

Core Products:
Exclusive 4g Pediatric Lung Heat Kechuan Granules
Exclusive Enteritis Ning Granules (Capsule)

R & D focus:
Innovative medicine for children's allergic cough, which fills the international gap, pediatric malong cough and asthma granules;
A major innovative drug-pediatric pneumonia patch, pioneered a new treatment for children with pneumonia-external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Industry chain:
Industrial planning for seven smart manufacturing bases has been planned, and four smart manufacturing bases have been built and put into operation. The Group has a sound and controllable industrial chain from the cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials, the extraction of raw materials to the production of preparations. There are 31 digital, information and fully automatic production lines in operation, covering sixteen types of pharmaceutical preparations including freeze-dried powder injections, tablets, capsules and granules. It is the most complete pharmaceutical company in China.

Professional marketing:
Based on professionalism, we are committed to precise treatment. The Group has set up seven divisions including the Prescription Drugs Division, the OTC Division, the Pulmonary Fever Division, the Enteritis Division, the Channel Control and Marketing Division, the Xiaoyanling Division, and the Baker Division according to different market terminals to achieve professional services. .

Quality assurance system:
The Group implements a dual quality assurance system of GMP and international ISO9001 to ensure excellent drug quality.

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Job posting company

Hainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 500-999 people

Year of establishment: 2008

Enterprise website:

Business address: No. 8 Yaogu 4th Road, Yaogu Industrial Park, Haikou National High-tech Zone, Haikou City, Hainan Province

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