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Shengjitang Group, established in 1996, has become a well-known domestic professional enterprise integrating pharmaceutical research, production, sales, diagnosis and treatment services, and education. Shengjitang Pharmaceutical, with its strong economic strength, excellent professionals, advanced equipment, strong technical support, strong research and development strength, and sales network throughout the country, is gradually building a medical aircraft carrier!
Shengjitang Group is headquartered in Qingzhen Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Guizhou. It has a health products workshop, granules, tablets, capsules, elixirs, soft bag injections, small-volume injections, powders, patches, films, and drug substances. , Blood glucose meter production workshops and more than ten GMP production lines. Shengjitang Pharmaceutical has many national second-class new drugs, including "Shengping" Glimepiride (API), Glimepiride Tablets, "Shengmin" Rosiglitazone Hydrochloride Tablets, Donepezil Hydrochloride Tablets, and more Won the honorary title of national, provincial and municipal new products; Shengte and Shengmin won the well-known trademarks of 2012-2015; the national medicines “Jiulong Jiedu Capsule”, “Danqing Capsule” and “Zhonglou Jiedu Decoction” produced exclusively "Fufang Loulou" and "Boxingkang Medicine Film" won national patents in one fell swoop.
Over the years, Shengji Church has cultivated a strong, efficient, sophisticated and combat-oriented market operation team based on its unique humanistic foundation and advanced management system. In terms of research and development, marketing, production technology, information collection, financial investment, corporate strategy, etc., Saint Franciscans have rich experience. Driven by the corporate philosophy of "the future is achieved with heart," the Saint Franciscan Group has become more and more The rapid development provides comprehensive guarantees.
A professional and powerful team of diabetes experts and a professional consulting service team provide quality services to patients at any time; a "diabetes friend home rehabilitation center" set up for patients regularly organizes diabetes patients to exchange experiences, seminars, expert lectures, online services, etc .; on this basis Every month, more than 300,000 copies of the Diabetes Popularization Manual are sent to diabetic patients free of charge, providing them with self-help health knowledge resources. Every year on November 14th, United Nations Diabetes Day, Shengji Church will hold large-scale diabetes free consultation activities in Guiyang and provinces across the country.
From 2005 to 2014, the company has been steadily ranking among the "Top Ten and Top 20 Advanced Taxpayers" for nine consecutive years! From 1998 to 2014, won the title of "Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring" issued by the government for 12 consecutive years; and won "Guizhou Province's Industry Top Brand", "2012 Guizhou Top 100 Enterprises", "Guizhou Province's Most Growing Brand in the Industry" "," Guizhou Top 100 Independent Innovation Brands "," Guizhou Famous Trademark "," Guizhou High-tech Enterprises "," Key Foreign Investment Enterprises "," Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Enterprises "," Guizhou Leading Enterprises in the Industrial Industry "," "The Third Star of Entrepreneurship", "Outstanding Contributions to Socialism", "Advanced Units for Foreign-funded Enterprises Enthusiastic Public Welfare", "Environmental Protection Honor Units", "Advanced Units for Enterprise Information Construction", "Advanced Enterprises for Energy Saving and Consumption Assessment", More than sixty honors such as "advanced collective for earthquake relief", "nomination of outstanding contributions for 30 years of reform and development", "employment internship base for college graduates" and more!
"Sacred heart is the heart, the world is the foundation". This is the eternal mission of Shengjitang Pharmaceutical. Always insisting on the perfect combination of responsibility and public welfare, the honest Saint-Jean Church people always keep in mind the sufferings of the people, the corporate responsibility and the society, and in the past nineteen years, the footprints of Saint-Jean Church members have traveled throughout the Great Wall, both north and south, regardless of disaster relief. , Poverty alleviation, army support, education assistance and various humanitarian assistance activities, always at the forefront of society: over 200 students have been sponsored each year for 10 years, and donated schoolbags to 16 disabled or remote primary schools in the new semester; Of poor students completed their studies; persistent medical volunteers in the streets and the streets gave condolences to the elderly and donated medicines to the vulnerable groups of the society; the freezing disaster never happened in a century, the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake compatriots were killed, and the group donated more than 200 to the disaster area through multiple channels and channels Ten thousand yuan.
Passion makes dreams, responsibility bears hope. Facing the future, the people of Shengji Church in Endeavour are dedicated to serving the healthy life of human beings with a scientific and responsible attitude. The company has been preparing for the implementation of the listing, and on the basis of successfully implementing the development strategy layout and realizing leap-forward development, Saint-Jean Church people are full of enthusiasm and embark on a new journey towards internationalization, and strive to build a world-class pharmaceutical company.
Our employees enjoy:
1. Free working meals.
2. Transportation vehicles to and from work.
3. Enjoy national legal holidays, weekends and annual leave.
4. Pay five insurances and one fund.
5. Enjoy holiday benefits, birthday allowances, wedding ceremonies, ceremonies, and fertility ceremonies.
6. Complete training and staff activities.
7. Free medical examination once a year.
With a spirit of frank cooperation and reliable corporate reputation, we sincerely hope to work with you for a better tomorrow! Company official website:

Interested candidates please call for consultation or email the application materials to (please refer to "Name + Job Post" for resume and email name). If your resume is suitable, we will give you You reply

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Job posting company

Guizhou Shengjitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Foreign-funded Enterprise

Enterprise size: 500-999 people

Year of establishment: 1996

Enterprise website:

Business address: Qingzhen Medical Park, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

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