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Hengrui Medicine, founded in 1970, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000 with a stock code of 600276. It is the company with the largest market capitalization in the A-share pharmaceutical sector. Hengrui Medicine is the largest research and production base of antineoplastic and surgical drugs in China, and one of the most innovative large pharmaceutical companies in China.
Hengrui Medicine has R & D centers and branches in Lianyungang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Xiamen, the United States, Japan, Australia and other places. As of the end of 2018, the company's R & D team has more than 3,000 members, including more than 2,000 doctors, masters and returnees, and more than 20,000 employees worldwide.
Hengrui Medicine has established a nationwide sales network and a professional marketing team. It has two wholly-owned sales subsidiaries-"Jiangsu Kexin Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd." and "Jiangsu Xinchen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.".
Perseverance goes far, Rui Yi lives. Hengrui Medicine has always been adhering to the concept of “scientific research-based, creating a healthy life”, with the overall goal of building a Chinese multinational pharmaceutical group, and strives to forge ahead, innovate, and continuously achieve new breakthroughs and breakthroughs in the company.
[Industry honor]
★ Top 20 most competitive pharmaceutical companies in 2010, ranked first;
★ In 2011, the company's first Class 1.1 original research drug, "arecoxib" was approved for marketing;
★ 2012 Top Ten Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies in China;
★ 2012 Top Ten Anti-tumor Product Brands in China's Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry;
★ 2013 Top 20 Industrial Enterprises of "Best Domestic R & D Product Line";
★ 2014 China's top 20 innovative pharmaceutical companies ranked first;
★ In 2014, the company launched the world ’s first oral gastric targeted drug "apatinib mesylate" independently developed by the company;
★ In 2016, it was selected as one of the top 100 innovative project pilot companies in the country;
★ In 2017, docetaxel injection was approved to be marketed in the United States and was designated by the FDA as a control standard preparation;
★ In 2018, the company's first highly-innovative chemotherapeutic biochemical drug, Thiofeigrastim, was launched;
★ In 2018, the company developed a new breast cancer drug “Pirlotinib maleate” independently developed by the company;
★ In 2019, the company's self-developed PD-1 inhibitor Carrellumab was launched;
★ In the list of Fortune 500 Chinese companies in 2019 ...

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Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 10,000 or more

Year of establishment: 1970

Enterprise website:

Business address: No. 7 Kunlunshan Road, Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone , Jiangsu

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