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more than 3 years
biology, medicine, molecular biology
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Shenzhen Pulse Image Precision Technology Co., Ltd. ("pulse image") was incorporated in Shenzhen, China in March 2018. It is a company dedicated to the development, sale and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of metabolomics in the global scope, including High-tech foreign joint venture for early diagnosis and screening of cancer.
The pulse map was established on the basis of the introduction of advanced metabolomics technology from Germany's MetaSysX GmbH (referred to as "MSX"). MSX is a company of the Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPIMP · Germany) of the Max-Planck Institute in Germany. It specializes in the commercialization of metabolomics technology. Rapid development within the scope. MPIMP Director Lothar Willmitzer was the first to study metabolomics and bioinformatics. After more than ten years of development, many influential books and patents have been produced, and its metabolic detection and analysis platform has consistently ranked among the best in the world. As the chief science museum, Professor Lothar Willmitzer talked about the core business of comprehensively guiding the pulse charting of big data bioinformatics and the development of new in vitro medical diagnostic products, especially the product development and technology promotion focusing on the early diagnosis and screening of cancer.
As a leader in the cell therapy industry in China, Beike has formed a cooperative network with many hospitals and research institutions. The field of accurate medical treatment using precision diagnostic work and bioinformatics analysis is rapidly developing. Beike actively seeks cooperation opportunities in innovative technologies such as cell therapy and personalized precision medicine.

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Shenzhen Pulse Image Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 1-49 people

year established:

Enterprise website:

Address of Company: Room 1328, 13th Floor, Beike Building, No. 59 Gaoxin South Nine Road, South District, Shenzhen Science and Technology Park

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