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Sichuan Luyan Zhilantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 002788, hereinafter referred to as "Lu Yanzhi Lantang Pharmaceutical") is a pharmaceutical distribution company controlled by Sichuan Luyan Expo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and is a secondary medicine controlled by Fujian Luyan Group Distribution companies. The company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and total assets of 40 million yuan. It currently has more than 40 employees and is located in Xingwen Economic Development Zone, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province. It covers an area of nearly 4,000 square meters and a warehouse area of more than 3,000 square meters.
Established in 2013, Lu Yan Zhi Lan Tang Medicine is committed to distribution services such as chemical preparations, proprietary Chinese medicines, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and medical devices. Facing the new era and new opportunities, Lu Yanzhi Lantang Medicine actively leverages the power of the capital market and the platform of listed companies to actively promote the "horizontal" strategic development and rapidly expand the layout, and has established a logistics distribution network that radiates all jurisdictions in Bazhong City. A number of well-known upstream suppliers and high-end downstream customer groups have established long-term, good and stable cooperative relationships. By the end of 2018, 100% coverage in Bazhong City hospitals and above has been achieved, grass-roots medical institutions covered 61.74%, and private hospitals covered 33.87 %. While leveraging on channel advantages, the company actively implements the "vertical" development strategy and extends to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. At present, it has formed an integrated industrial pattern of sales such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health products, disinfection supplies, daily necessities, and hardware and electricity. .
The company takes the human health industry as its core industry. In May 2018, under the active promotion of Luyan Zhilantang Medicine, the Bazhong Food and Drug Administration successfully signed a contract with Luyan Medicine. It plans to invest 50 million yuan in Bazhong City. The biomedicine industry development project will be built in accordance with the overall planning and urban design requirements of the Bazhong City Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, and will be used to integrate drug storage, sales, and office space. In April 2019, the Bazhong Food and Drug Administration had business talks with the leaders of Luyan Group ’s “Smart Decoction” business section. It plans to invest 30 million in Bazhong to establish a decoction center for Bazhong medical institutions.
The company adheres to the business principle of "operating according to law, honesty, quality first, service first" to provide customers with high-quality distribution services. Take the brand as the advantage, take the technology as the means, give play to the advantages of talents and partners, based in Bazhong, based in Sichuan, and contribute to the cause of human health!

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Sichuan Lu Yanzhi Lantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 1-49 people

year established:

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Business Address: 3rd Floor, No. 3, Building A8, No. 8 Qiaohe Street, Bazhong Economic Development Zone, Sichuan

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