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Nanjing Feidi Health Management Co., Ltd. integrates scientific research, production and sales (Nanjing Feidi Health Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for foreign investment invitation, contract signing, etc .; Product manufacturer: Nanjing Feila Cosmetics Co., Ltd .; Product Marketing Center is located Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province). The company's chief scientist is a Chinese, Ph.D., and professor from the United States. He specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and biological engineering. The research team has successfully developed a number of health products, and will be put on the market when conditions are ripe.
This time, the cold-applied gel for medical device products has a unique effect on cervical spondylosis and lumbago, which can be cured in 1 to 2 weeks. This product can be purchased and used in clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals.
The company focuses on market development, recruits sales elites in various provinces, and promotes market prosperity with the most preferential policies.

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