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Strategic Planning Excellence
In 2003, an economic planning company was established with the help of Shandong Province to build a "China Ejiao City". In 2005, the company integrated Dong'e County Runhuitang Ejiao Health Preservation Workshop, Neihuang Ejiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Dong'e Huiyuan Ejiao Health Food Sales Co., Ltd., etc., established Shandong Donga Xiuyuan Ejiao Biological Group. As a key high-tech bioproducts company supported by Shandong Province, the company has made full use of the advantages of Dong'an County's collagen production area, and put forward the mission of “science and technology to promote gelatin culture, repair and care for human health. Dong-A Xiu Yuan E-Jiao Group has always been committed to E-Jiao Pharmaceutical and Dong-E E-Jiao Food, to form an industry pattern of E-Jiao food, E-Jiao health products, and E-Jiao medicine.
Strong scientific and technological research and development company has successively cooperated with the Japan Natural Agricultural Law International Research and Development Center, Laval University of Canada, College of Agriculture and Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Disease Prevention, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, School of Pharmacy, and Yantai University It has established a long-term cooperative relationship, has a scientific and technological research and development team composed of more than 20 experts, and has established the Shandong Ejiao Bioengineering Research Center. The nano-Ejiao powder and emollient iron gum oral liquid developed by the current research center have been protected by national patents. The company's production workshop has advanced Italian equipment and first-class production technology. It has strict control over nearly 80 processes from ingredients to finished products. It is a state-approved health food and pharmaceutical GMP company.
The product category structure is perfect. Dong's Xiuyuan Ejiao Group has an annual output value of 429 million yuan of Ejiao product production line and a lean product management team. At present, the main products of Dong's Xiuyuan Ejiao Group are: nano-Ejiao Diwan, Runhuitang brand Ejiao, Emollient Brand Ajiao Iron Oral Liquid, Blood Doctor Children's Oral Solution, Emollient Brand Ajiao Pulp, Gaomeiqiang Chewable Tablets Series, Xuezhiya Capsule, Guzhuangqing Capsule, Yangrun Changtong Granules, Runmeng Ejiao Jujube Cream Huitang brand gelatin powder, Runhuitang brand gelatin black chicken oral solution, Runhuitang brand gelatin cream, Runhuitang gelatin milk tea series, Runhuitang medicated cream series, Runhuitang protein powder walnut powder series, Li'antang series Forty or more products in 8 major dosage forms, including herbal tea, have been well received by consumers after the products were put on the market.

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Shandong Donga Xiuyuan Ejiao Biological Group Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 1-49 people

Year of establishment: 2003

Enterprise website:

Address: No. 1, Jiaoguang Road, Dong'e Industrial Park , Shandong

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