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Heilongjiang Dabeiqing Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., based on human text, serving the public as its responsibility, adheres to the principle of quality first, and pays attention to the national people's health service. Heilongjiang Dabeiqing Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established on May 19, 2016. With a registered capital of 50 million, it is mainly engaged in the production of chemicals, chemical raw materials, Chinese patent medicines, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, biological agents, health products and functional foods. The company is located in Wuchang Economic Development Zone and covers an area of over 22,000 square meters. With a total investment of more than 110 million yuan, the company's construction is divided into four phases. The first phase of the project is to build a Chinese medicine decoction piece and a traditional Chinese medicine fermentation depot piece workshop. It is mainly engaged in the research unit of Heilongjiang Institute of Chinese Medicine Science and Technology. After years of hard work, the new anti-tumor Chinese medicine decoction piece (beiqinglongyi) will be used nationwide for the treatment of senile tumors. It has been produced during the Qin and Han dynasties in China, and then left in Japan ’s world-renowned product Soy Beancurd (Japanese Natto). Zuyan combined traditional technology with modern pharmaceutical production technology. After years of research, it can effectively increase the content of Chinese medicine decoction pieces. , Will improve the phenomenon of the general three highs of the people throughout the country and greatly improve the physical fitness of the people. These two types of products have good market sales prospects.
The second phase of the project will set up a raw material drug production workshop, which is mainly engaged in the production of selenium-enriched products. Combined with Chinese medicine decoction pieces (beiqinglongyi) will greatly improve the cure of tumor diseases, and effectively improve the survival probability and quality of life of cancer patients!
The third and fourth phase engineering companies will set up health care product and solid preparation production workshops, dedicated to the production and research and development of large health products, and to contribute to improving the physical fitness of the people across the country.

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Heilongjiang Dabeiqing Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 50-99 people

year established:

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Business address: Niujia Economic Development Zone, Wuchang City

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