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Under 35
Production / Research / Quality Control
R & D Manager
more than 2 years
Level 6
带薪年假 绩效奖金 全勤奖 定期体检 Five insurances and one paid paid annual leave performance bonus attendance award regular medical examination

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Sichuan Shuzhong Group Yike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and is known as the "King of General Medicine" in the industry. Is a collection of scientific research, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging materials, planting, marketing as one of the large group of enterprises. Sichuan Yike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the parent company of Sichuan Shuzhong Pharmaceutical Group. It has more than 200 kinds of Chinese medicine Zhunzi varieties and six major dosage forms. Among them, the eight general medicine fist varieties such as amoxicillin capsule, Gaike cold capsule, compound Banlangen granules, and ammonia kahuangmin capsules have ranked among the top in the country.

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Job posting company

Sichuan Yike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Nature: Private Enterprise

Enterprise size: 1-49 people

Year of establishment: 1999

Enterprise website:

Business address: Section 4, South Zhongshan Avenue, Guanghan City

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