Service Introduction
Online recruitment platform services:
As a leading job search site for talents in the pharmaceutical industry in China, Lie Cai Medicine Network provides individual users with personalized services such as online job search, resume delivery, and job guidance; and provides corporate customers with talent recruitment solutions centered on online recruitment. Both job seekers and corporate HR can obtain professional talent recruitment services provided by Lie Cai Medicine. Compared with the comprehensive recruitment website, Hunting Medicine Network has significant advantages in terms of service level, recruitment efficiency and service fees.
Headhunting and recruitment outsourcing services:
Liecai Medical Network provides professional medical headhunting services, with operations all over the country. It has a professional consultant team and many experienced senior consultants. It has hunted senior and scarce talents for more than 200 pharmaceutical companies. We also provide professional medical recruitment outsourcing services, which can provide comprehensive solutions in the recruitment process, that is, integrate all recruitment channels, from resume collection to media procurement, to resume screening, written examination, interview and other links to provide customers with a package Recruitment services. Especially when a company has a large number of recruitment needs, the positions are widely distributed, the project time is tight and the internal recruitment of staff is short, recruitment outsourcing is the best solution.
Advertising Services:
Liecai Medical Network provides high-quality, efficient and accurate advertising services to help companies recruit the right talent faster and better, and significantly increase corporate visibility and influence. Liecai Medical Network has a variety of advertising forms, exquisite production, and effective advertising .
On-site job fair services:
With the acceleration of the global economic integration process and the intensified competition for talents, the demand and importance of pharmaceutical companies for senior management and high-end technology scarce talents have reached an unprecedented level. In order to meet the diversified needs of the talent market and provide close-to-face, face-to-face communication opportunities for the supply and demand of senior talents, has launched On-site job fair services for high-end pharmaceutical talents. With "precise, efficient, honest, high-quality" service concept, do a good job of pre-conference and post-conference services, and create a better environment for negotiations between pharmaceutical companies and high-end talents!