Headhunting Services
We have nearly 200 professional, efficient, enthusiastic and responsible full-time headhunting consultants. The talents of headhunting consultants will improve your recruitment process and make your company better understand the market and competition. At the same time, it will build a communication bridge between companies and job seekers, speed up the recruitment process, and recommend high-paying positions for the elite in the workplace. Planning career development.

The headhunting team of Hunting Pharmacy has successfully recruited hundreds of high-end management talents for global multinational companies such as Santian (Japan), Johnson & Johnson, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and well-known large private groups such as Broad Group and Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group. More than 65% of renewed customers have been renewed, and customers have urgently recruited positions, with an average on-the-job cycle of 28 days.

Up to now, the headhunting team of Liecai Medical Network has helped more than 12,000 pharmaceutical companies to find suitable job talents and find suitable jobs for tens of thousands of pharmaceutical talents.

we promise:
Speed first, users first; fast and professional, precise hunting and recruitment; strict confidentiality and efficient service.