About Huntsman
Hunting Medicine Network is:
Is a professional medical talent recruitment website under Nanjing Ruixiu Human Resources Co., Ltd.
China's high-quality pharmaceutical recruitment network, founded in 2003
Professional and reliable online job search platform for the pharmaceutical industry
High-quality pharmaceutical online organization's website under the "China Pharmaceutical Marketing Alliance ("
Operated by a domestic professional pharmaceutical e-commerce company
16 years of continuous and steady development, the number of cooperative customers is far ahead, and trusted by well-known pharmaceutical companies
We have assisted more than 30,000 pharmaceutical companies to successfully recruit the right talent
The advantages of Lie Cai Medicine Network:
Have a high-quality medical talent resource bank
Resume reserves have reached more than 3 million copies, at the same time increasing at a rate of more than 500 copies per day. Professional talent resume reserves have reached the expert level. Most of them have rich experience in pharmaceutical industry, and the proportion of talent reserves is roughly marketing talents. 67%, technology production / R & D / academic 23%, management 10%, in line with the basic situation of the current industry job ratio
Provide professional advisory services
Hunting Medicine Network always focuses on doing a good job in personnel consulting for pharmaceutical companies with the concept of "Provide more professional and thoughtful services for pharmaceutical companies".
Good at hunting senior medical talents for enterprises
We have established a powerful talent hunting network through various forms of cooperation and services. We have found a thousand horses and a talent for many pharmaceutical companies;
Have the attention of high-quality pharmaceutical professionals
80% of medical practitioners know about Hunting Pharmacy, and 95% of those engaged in pharmaceutical marketing are familiar with and use Hunting Pharmacy. The purpose of Hunting Pharmacy: select professional talents for pharmaceutical companies, and realize life value for pharmaceutical talents.
The purpose of Hunting Medicine Network:
Select professional talents for pharmaceutical companies and realize life value for pharmaceutical talents