Member help
Individual job seekers use help:

How to register as an individual member

1. The user can enter the user name (not your name or E-mail address), password and other information as prompted;

2. Fill in the registration information "*" as required in turn as required (if there are vacancies, you cannot continue to register);

3. After the user completes all required or non-required items, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to complete the registration;

4. After the user submits the information successfully, directly enter the second step to fill in the basic information.

What to do after successful registration

1. After successful registration, you can fill in a detailed resume as required. The resume includes basic personal information, education background, work experience and job application intention. In order to be responsible to you, please fill in the above sections in detail.

2. At the same time, you can also make full use of the powerful search function of the system, fill in keywords, such as "medical representative", choose a region, release time and other options to choose the right job for you.

3. You can view the latest recruitment information and keep up to date with the latest developments. Click on the position to view the specific requirements. Click on the company to learn all the company's information and all recruitment positions.

4. Please rest assured to fill in all personal information, all contact information and information will be kept confidential for you except for our VIP companies.

How to use the Personal Job Management Centre

1. Personal information of my resume: fill in basic personal information!
Education and training: Fill in personal education information, graduation school, specialty, and other personal skills information!
Work experience: Fill in your personal work experience, allowing employers to choose you from your personal work experience! (Very important)
Intent to apply for a job: Fill in the job you want to find, and fill in which area to work at, and the date of arrival!
Analysis resume: will tell individuals that those information are not filled in and need to be filled!
Resume Preview: After completing the resume, you can preview and check for errors in advance!
My photo: You can send the photo of your satisfied ID to your resume. (Note: the size of the photo cannot exceed 100K. For the best display of your photo, please scan the photo into a size of 145 x 200 pixels)
My certificate: You can send your graduation certificate or other certificate pictures that prove your skills to the Internet, so that employers can see some of my skills! Prove your ability template settings: You can choose 7 types of templates for personal use!
Resume delivery: You can send your resume on the recruitment website to other company emails you already know!
Send resume to me: Send your resume to your own email for backup!
Confidentiality setting: Contact information and resume can be set to public or private! (When you have found a satisfactory job, please set your resume to be private to reduce business consultation; when you need to apply again, please update your resume and set it to public, waiting for the interview invitation of the company.)
Deleting a resume: You can delete a resume that is not satisfactory! (Will not be restored after deletion)

2. Job search and searcher management: Set up a searcher and set it according to the keywords you want to apply for, the work area, gender, and education requirements. Add a searcher: add a searcher that is suitable for personal conditions!
Quick Search: Search directly for the job you want!
Detailed search: According to the keywords that the individual wants to apply for, set the work area, gender, and education requirements

3. The job search record is suitable for my position: the system will automatically match the company that suits your resume according to your resume!
Application history: The system will record the record of your previous job application!
Who invited me to join: When someone needs you to join, I will send you a message!
My Favorites: The system will record the records of your application company!

4. Recruitment information Select the work area to browse the latest local recruitment information

5. Others Click "Modify Password" to modify your account password. Click "Exit Management" to safely exit the management center and return to the homepage

How to create the ideal resume

Detailed job descriptions <br /> When viewing the resume, the personnel manager is most interested in your work experience. When filling out your resume, try to describe your job content and responsibilities in as much detail as possible.

Professional experience is required <br /> If you are a professional and technical person, it is important to describe your professional skills and project experience in detail in your resume, because they fully show your technical strength!

Job Skills Training <br /> If you have recently received any form of competence training, don't be embarrassed, write it quickly.

Show your smile <br /> We have specially set up a photo upload function for you. The personnel manager can see your resume and have a better understanding of you while leaving a deeper impression.

How to get the latest recruitment information

1. Use the search engine of hunting talent medicine website to search, the time can be set to 1 month or half a month
2. Look carefully at the advertisements on the homepage of Lie Cai Medicine Network, which are generally the latest recruitment advertisements of enterprises.

What are the general interviews for foreign companies

1. Why should we hire you?
2. Why do you want to work here?
3. What attracts you to this position most?
4. What do you think your parents gave you the most?
5.Who ever gave you the biggest impact?
6. How did your classmates evaluate you?
7. What do you think is your biggest weakness?
8. What is your greatest achievement?
9. What was the most difficult thing you encountered?
10. Would you like to go to the place where the company sent you?
11. How long will you stay at this company?
12. What do you want to be like in the next five years?
13. Do you have any training or qualities related to this job?
14. What are the factors that make you successful?
15. What is your minimum salary requirement?
16. Do you have any questions?

Corporate recruitment members use help:

How to register a corporate member

1. Click the button on the right side of the homepage to register your company information for free.
2. After entering the registration page, the user can enter the user name, password, company profile and other information as prompted;
3. Fill in the registration information "*" as required in turn as required (if there are vacancies, you cannot continue to register);
4. After the user fills in all required or non-required items, click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the registration;
5. A dialog box will pop up on the page to remind you that you have successfully registered. Please wait for the audit and certification of Liecai Medical Network (it takes 24 hours, you can also call 400-680-2998 after registering);
6. Please keep your registered account number and password in mind. If you forget it, please contact us at 400-680-2998.

How to become a VIP Annual Member

1.The standard rate for VIP members for the whole year is 7800 yuan / year
2. After the appraisal and certification of Lie Cai Medicine Network, please fax your copy of the business license and sign the corresponding service agreement to become a VIP member of Lie Cai Medicine Network.
3. Our services for VIP members throughout the year:
Complete job posting and download resumes. Resume powerful resume search function. Homepage free graphic ads. Regional channel graphic ads. Free delivery to China Pharmaceutical Marketing Alliance ( Released concurrently. Convenient SMS or email grouping

4. Click for VIP members to apply online

How to pay for cooperation

1. Click here for remittance address
2. Fax the remittance receipt in a timely manner after remittance 025-66622260, and please attach your contact information (address and postal code, name, user name, phone, fax or Email)
3.After receiving the fax, we will open an ordinary single-month member or VIP full-year member for you within 24 hours.

How to post
1. After the account is activated, please click on the homepage or enter your registered account number and password in the enterprise member login box on the right side of the homepage to log in to the enterprise recruitment management center;
2. After entering the enterprise recruitment management center, click
3. Click on the post to select the post category according to your specific situation, fill in the specific post, work area, number of recruits and job description to complete the release of each post;
4. If your company has multiple departments for recruitment, you can click on department settings to add departments, fill in the relevant content according to the prompts, and the most important thing is: your email must be accurate. Establish departments, such as: "Human Resources Department", etc .;
5. After the department is successfully established, you can choose different departments to release corresponding positions;
6. After posting the positions, you can edit, modify, delete, block, open, refresh and manage them as needed.

How to view your resume library
1. After entering the enterprise recruitment management center, click;
2. You can view the newly received or unread resume. If it is suitable for your talents, you can choose and click; if you click to delete the resume, the operation cannot be resumed!
3. Please click on the resume you have already read.

How to invite a talent interview
1. Click to enter the enterprise talent pool;
2. Select the right person for the interview and click;
3. If the talents in the enterprise talent pool are temporarily unsuitable, the operation is safe and can be restored.

How to search for talent
1. After entering the enterprise recruitment management center, click;
2. To view resume details, you need to pay hunting currency;
3. You can fill in keywords, such as "medical representative", select region, release time and other options, and accurately find outstanding talents suitable for your company position and view their resumes;
4. Talent supermarkets search according to the given conditions of the system, and quickly locate and search;
5. You can customize the searcher according to the conditions you have given to facilitate personal search.

How to modify your account information
1. After entering the enterprise recruitment management center, click;
2. You can modify the company information to improve your company information;
3. You can modify the account password;
4. You can also manage the department.